Chess Links

There are lots of freeware chess programs available on the Net. Many of these do not have their own user interface but instead work with separate interface programs such as Winboard or xboard. For a big list of available programs, see Leo Dijksman's excellent WBEC web site or the Computer Chess Wiki.

Following are some links to free chess engines I'm especially familiar with, and recommend. All of these play a decent game of chess. Stockfish is the strongest of these (Gull and Protector are also very good).

Free chess engines
Andscacs The Baron Crafty Critter
EXchess Fruit Gaviota Gull
iCE Chess Protector Stockfish Toga II

The following strong chess engines are now commercial, but have earlier free versions still available:

Rybka: free commercial
Houdini: free commercial

Some chess tools I use regularly include ChessBase, pgn-extract, epd2wb, PolyGlot, cutechess-cli, CLOP and BayesElo.

Good general chess sites I like include TWIC (The Week in Chess) and

If you want more info about chess programming, you might look at the following sites:

Also check out ERIC, a robot that plays chess using a modified version of Arasan!